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CFCDoc revamped
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Author: jax (All RIAForge projects by this author)
Last Updated: October 27, 2008 7:01 AM
Version: 0.42
Views: 94,040
Downloads: 3,237
License: Common Public License


Important note (27 march 2008)
I have started work on a (Java) command line version of CFCdoc that will create static CFCdoc HTML pages.
This means that I will no longer add functionality to 'CFCdoc revamped'. The last upcoming release (0.43) for this version will therefore be a maintenance release.

Improved version of Spike's (Stephen Milligan) and Barney's (Boisvert) CFCdoc. CFCdoc creates realtime Javadoc-like documentation from your cfc's (see screenshot).

I reorganised the code a bit, cleaned up, changed the look and feel and, while I was at it, added some new features as well (see included readme for more info).

This version also supports CF8's new <cfInterface> tag.

Changes in version 0.42

Requested enhancements implemented:
+ Added lazyload option. Cfcdoc might time out when it tries to separate interfaces from components in case there are huge amounts of cfc's in a single package. Setting <lazyLoad> to 'true' in config.xml should improve things.
+ Added an option to only load specific roots for specific servers cfcdoc is run on. See (included) config.xml for an example.

'Please open the trunk sir.'


The SVN for CFCdoc can be found at http://openSVN.csie.org/cfcdoc
Releases are found in the tags/[version]/trunk directories.

The main trunk directory contains the working version that you have also access to, but remember that the trunk holds a working version and therefore might NOT work. :-)

If there are any problems with the SVN server, let me know.


Coldfusion server, version 7.0x and up. Should also work on Bluedragon but haven't tested yet.

Issue Tracker:

13 </Cffunction> case sensitivity Open 07/31/12 7:01 AM
21 getting started Open 09/29/10 4:11 PM
20 Won't Parse CF 9 script-base interfaces or components Open 01/20/10 3:31 PM
19 Railo Compliant Fix Open 11/05/09 10:30 PM
18 CFC without methods throws error - Here is the fix Open 04/29/09 5:42 PM

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